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Always Money® Pell City


2124 Cogswell Ave
Pell City, Alabama 35125

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Mon - Thu : 9AM to 5PM
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Installment Loans – Title Loans – Auto Installment Loans

Title loans

Are you a resident of Pell City, Alabama, and would like to get a loan while using your asset as collateral? Always Money® has got you covered. We offer Title loans to Alabama, residents with the vehicle as collateral. The vehicle can be a car, motorcycle, RV, truck, or boat. Your credit ratings do not affect your eligibility to get Title loans in Alabama. Our Title loan approval is quick.

Installments loans

We also offer Installment loans. Our Installments loans have flexible terms such that you repay in regular installments instead of a lump sum payment. Depending on the credit history, we allow repayment schedules of up to 18 months.

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Auto Installment loans

Perhaps you need more money and a longer repayment time. You can choose our Auto Installment loans. Depending on your credit information, we give you a bigger loan and a repayment schedule that goes up to 36 months. You can use your vehicle’s title to get an auto-secured Installment loan in Pell City, Alabama, and we give it back to you after full repayment.

Gold Buying

Do you have some old, broken, or unwanted gold just sitting and collecting dust in your home? Make some extra cash by selling it to Always Money®. We understand the value of the precious metal so we rank among the best places you can sell your gold regardless of its condition.

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Why choose Always Money®

We have served the Pell City, Alabama residents since 2005. Whether you are looking for auto-secured Installment loans, Installment loans, or Title loans in Pell City, you can rest assured you are working with a credible and reputable institution.

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