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How Secured (Auto) Installment Loans Work

Always Money® Secured (Auto) Installment Loans

Secured (Auto) Installment Loans

Secured (Auto) Installment loans are secured by the clear title of your vehicle and a repaid in affordable monthly payments. Always Money® offers Secured (Auto) Installment Loans in Alabama from $100 to $15,000, in South Carolina from $650 to $15,000, and in Mississippi from $500 to $2,500. 

Here is how a Secured (Auto) Installment loan works:

Always Money® Secured (Auto) Installment Loans Requirements

18 and older icon

At least 18 years old (19 for personal loan in Alabama)

magnifying glass over paper icon

Most current checking account statement

pen writing check icon

Proof of income (most recent paycheck stub)

hotel icon

Proof of residence such as a utility bill, rent receipt or pay stub

car keys icon

Your vehicle and a spare key- the vehicle can be a car, truck, boat, motorcycle or RV

insurance icon

Proof of insurance for loans $3,000 or more

car headlight icon

Your lien-free car title

pin number icon

SSN verification (or ITIN verification)

face recognition icon

Valid Government Issued Photo ID

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