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Installment Loans – Title Loans – Auto Installment Loans

Alabama is one of the greatest states in the union. It’s beautiful, vibrant, and full of opportunities. However, these qualities are offset by the financial struggles many of the states’ residents face. The median family income in Alabama is well below the nationally reported average. This means that the majority of Alabamians may have difficulty covering unexpected expenses. Luckily, short-term credit solutions from Always Money®, including Title loans in Alabama, can help you retain control of your finances even in the face of money emergencies.

Consumer Installment Loans in Columbiana

One of the most popular products offered at Always Money® is our consumer Installment loan options. These loans work the same way most Installment loans in the marketplace do, so customers are typically familiar with the expectations of the agreement. Borrowers receive an affordable loan amount that they must repay in monthly installments. These installments occur for a fixed amount and include payment of interest and principal.

These types of loans are ideal for addressing unexpected emergencies and other financial obstacles that emerge. We work with each of our clients to develop a plan for repayment that allows you to borrow the amount you need while keeping monthly payments manageable. Available loans range from $100 to $2,100.

We understand that our customers come from a wide range of backgrounds, so we consider each application carefully and work with clients to find the best financial solutions. You can trust us to advocate for you and work with you.

Loan terms and availability are based on several criteria that we consider when processing an application for a consumer Installment loan. We always aim to look at the big picture, and some of these criteria include:

  • Borrowing history 
  • Credit score 
  • Monthly income 

Title (Auto) Installment Loans in Columbiana

Consumer Installment loans aren’t the only option for borrowing at Always Money®. Title loans in Alabama offer additional options that may allow you to borrow a greater sum and repay over a longer period of time. Title Auto Installment loans are beneficial to borrowers because they allow your vehicle to be used as collateral. This secures the loan, thus making it easier to get approved in some cases.

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The value of your vehicle is important because it serves as security for your loan. In most cases, the higher the value, the more we are able to lend to you. We accept titles for all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorhomes, boats, and commercial equipment. Soon after you have fully repaid your obligation, your title will be returned to you.

Like a consumer Installment loan, a title Auto Installment loan is repaid in monthly installments based on the sum of the principal and the accrued interest. A title Auto Installment loan offers more options, though, with amounts ranging from $100 to $15,000. Lending decisions are based on the aforementioned factors such as credit score, income, and borrowing history — but Title loans in Alabama incorporate the value of your vehicle into the equation, too.

The Local Lender You Can Trust in Columbiana

There are several loan options available when you’re in need of a helping hand. At Always Money®, we take pride in helping our customers find short-term credit solutions in some of life’s toughest situations. We are the most trusted local lender serving customers throughout Alabama, including the Columbia community.

Our service goes beyond lending. We aim to provide each and every customer with a respectful, friendly, and effective experience while connecting them with the resources they need. We boast over 20 years of experience in this field, so you can be sure you’re dealing with experts when you visit our store. Our lending process is quick and confidential, too, making it easier than ever to get a loan when you visit Always Money®.

Let us help you find a financial solution. Our staff is dedicated to serving you, answering your questions, and maintaining our reputation as the top regional lender in Alabama. We do this by offering great loan products and backing them with even better customer service. Visit our store to learn more about which loan type is best for you and how we can help you get started.

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Learn More About Our Loans in Columbiana

When financial emergencies happen, it can be hard to know where to turn. Always Money® is the local lender dedicated to helping you. Taking out a loan is a serious commitment, so we require that all applicants be at least 18 years old and furnish documentation of identity, residence, and source of income. Title Auto Installment loan applications must be accompanied by a title with no liens, a spare key, and proof of auto insurance. Contact us for more information on Title loans in Alabama in Columbia.

The Always Money® on W College Street has been providing short-term loans to Columbiana residents since 2005. We are located next to Piggy Wiggly. We provide financial solutions such as Installment loans up to $15,000 and Title loans up to $10,000. We offer Installment loans secured by a Title loan or unsecured Installment loans. So when you are in need of extra cash, visit Always Money® at 215 W College St or call (205) 669-2843.

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