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6134-K White Horse Rd.
Greenville, South Carolina 29611

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Installment Loans – Auto Installment Loans

Always Money® is a regional leader in helping people with short-term cash needs. We understand that your budget doesn’t always stretch as much as it needs to. That’s why we have several options to help our neighbors in Greenville.

Secured (Auto) Installment Loans

In addition to consumer Installment loans, Always Money® also offers Secured Auto Installment loans in South Carolina. Like their consumer loan counterpart, Secured (Auto) Installment loans entail borrowing a certain amount and then repaying it over time with the addition of accrued interest. However, a Secured (Auto) Installment loan relies on your vehicle’s title as a form of collateral to secure the loan.

Many borrowers benefit from title Auto Installment loans and find that they’re a beneficial option if your needs exceed the amount of a consumer Installment loan. Title loans in South Carolina allow you to borrow anywhere from $650 to $15,000. The total sum offered is dependent upon the following factors:

  • Credit history 
  • Borrowing history 
  • Income 
  • Value of vehicle 

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We issue Secured Auto Installment loans in South Carolina for a range of different vehicles, including trucks, motorhomes, cars, boats, and even commercial vehicles. We work with you to find the best lending option for your needs.

Loans in South Carolina are particularly advantageous to borrowers because your title is returned to you soon after the loan has been repaid in full. Various repayment terms are available, meaning repayment can be manageable and work within your budget. Trust Always Money® for a Secured Auto Installment loan that’s easy, accessible, and advantageous

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Secured (Auto) Installment Loans

We offer Installment loans for Greenville, South Carolina residents. Installment loans give you the cash you need with the ability to pay it out in convenient monthly payments. In South Carolina, you may qualify for an Installment loan from $650 up to $2,000.

The Always Money® on White Horse Road has been providing short-term loans to Greenville residents since 2005. We are located in Walmart shopping center. We provide financial solutions such as Consumer Installment loans from $650 to up to $2,000 and Auto Installment loans from $650 up to $15,000 (or more). So when you are in need of extra cash, visit Always Money® at 6134-K White Horse Rd. or call (864) 220-0127. We speak Spanish!

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